If you are experiencing an emergency, please dial 911 (and ask for Ballard)


Ballard Ambulance is a locally owned family business serving the Wenatchee Valley and surrounding communities for over 50 years. Since our inception in 1967, Ballard Ambulance has been a leader in providing advanced lifesaving compassionate care to the residents of the area. We are a primary provider of 911 Emergency Medical Services in the greater Wenatchee area, and provide ALS and BLS ambulance transportation and Cabulance services throughout North Central Washington. We also provide ambulance coverage and standby services for multiple events, organizations and venues throughout Washington State. We respond to nearly 7,000 calls for service every year and are the largest provider of EMS in the Greater Wenatchee Valley.

Advanced Life Support (ALS)

Ballard Ambulance has a staff of highly trained Paramedics and EMTs who provide advanced care and treatment for medical, cardiac and trauma emergencies.  We also provide advanced care and monitoring to patients that need transportation to specialty services in other hospitals and facilities outside of the Wenatchee area when their condition warrants it.

Basic Life Support (BLS)

Whether needing transport to an appointment, transferring to another facility for continued treatment, or returning home for recovery after hospitalization, Ballard Ambulance provides comfortable, safe transportation with a team of EMTs and Paramedics that go the extra mile for patients requiring ambulance transportation.


Ballard Ambulance provides Cabulance transportation for those folks who don’t need an ambulance but whose condition warrants transportation in a wheelchair.  Used primarily for appointments and returns to a facility or residence, the Cabulance is equipped with a lift and can handle most standard and motorized wheelchairs. 

Wildland Fire EMS

Washington State is known for frequent wildland fires each summer. Since the late 1960’s Ballard has provided medical coverage for our local fire departments on a volunteer basis and is contracted with the forest service and state agencies to provide personnel and equipment on major fires throughout the state.